Website Back Online!

After some technical issues, the website is back up and running. There are still a few photo files that are missing links and/or images. We’re working to clean those up, but otherwise the site is 100% functional and ready for orders. Thank you for your patience.

One thought on “Website Back Online!

  1. My order was received a couple days ago and I am amazed at the castings, crips clean and just pertty! I love your work!

    I do have a queston, I have a 1/35 scale Hunley labeled COTTAGE INDUSTRIES that was bought off e-bay 5 years ago. It is now building time! Is this your casting or someone elses? It is a solid chunk of resin, not hollow like you advertise. Anyway, I need a prop for it and you are the best bet for a source, if you can spare one. Let me know the cost and I will pay the price. I may buy several, you never know.


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