CIM Rope

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Above, the 1/96th scale Revell kit of the “English Man O’ War”, detailed out in our CIM rope. To fully deck her out, we used 11 coils of CMR-2, and  4 coils of CMR-3, and 2 coils of CMR-1 to create just the tan colored rope to rig this model completely. The black rigging used 6 different sizes. Below you can see some examples of the relative sizes and colors, and below that, you can order some for your next project that needs to be rigged like the real thing.

Cottage Prototypes 006 rope

CMR-1 .007” $0.90/ 15’ Coil = .16mm

CMR-2 .018” $1.89/ 15’ Coil = .46mm

CMR-3 .025” $2.10/ 15’ Coil = .65mm

CMR-4 .031” $2.10/ 15’ Coil = .80mm

CMR-5 .045” $2.30/ 15’ Coil = 1.15mm

CMR-6 .050” $2.79/ 15’ Coil = 1.28mm

CMR-7 .055” $2.79/ 15’ Coil = 1.40mm

CMR-8 .0625” $3.10/ 15’ Coil = 1.59mm

CMR-9 .071” $3.20/ 15’ Coil = 1.81mm

CMR-10 .079” $3.25/ 15’ Coil = 2.02mm

CMR-11 .083” $3.35/ 15’ Coil = 2.12mm

CMR-12 .095” $3.65/ 15’ Coil = 2.42mm

CMR-13 .107” $4.00/ 15’ Coil = 2.73mm

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All of the above items can be made in Left or Right hand twist. Remember to indicate if you need Left twist on your order (you can do this either in the Note to Seller field when you make your PayPal payment, or send us an email after you place your order).  If no specification is made, then Right twist is assumed. Orders for this product will take longer to produce than our kits because it is made here in our factory by hand, one piece at a time. If you need large quantities be sure to give us plenty of lead-time to make it for you. You should also be sure to indicate the color(s) you need on the order form as well. Brown or Tan. If you have any special needs regarding “CIM-Rope” please let us know.   Samples are available, as well; click the button below to add a sampling of our CIM-Rope to your shopping cart, the only charge will be $2.00 for shipping.

CIM-Rope Sample: A sample selection of various lengths and diameters of our line.