Robert Fulton’s “Nautilus” – 1/32nd Scale

32-006 Robert Fulton’s “Nautilus”: 1/32nd Scale.  Robert Fulton designed and built this submarine in 1805 and approached Napoleon Bonaparte for funding. The French agreed; Fulton built the boat, and successfully tested it in Paris on a couple of barges and a schooner. The original submarine worked much like the Hunley and Turtle in that a crew of 3 served as its main means of propulsion. A sail could be raised, lowered and turned on a pivot to aid the boat while on the surface. The Nautilus never saw wartime action and later lay rotting on the banks of the River Seinne. This model measures approx. 8 1/2″ long overall X 8 1/2″ high with the sail upright. Very simple to build and comes with thorough instructions, sail cloth, resin hull, and resin and metal parts.

Item Name: Robert Fulton’s “Nautilus”
Item Number: 32-006
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