Cottage Industry Models

We started Cottage Industry Models in 1996, seeking to create the most accurate and well-researched Civil War ship kits on the market.  Already model builders ourselves, we wanted to bring kits to the market that we would like to buy: Easy to assemble, well made components, and as historically accurate as possible.  We have succeeded in many of these respects.  Most notable, our models of the C.S.S. Hunley are based off of the actual vessel, after her recovery off the coast of Charleston.  Our Hunley kits are the most accurate in the world.

U.S.S. Monitor Kit Components

It’s been over 20 years since we started out.  And it’s been difficult at times. Full of challenges, yet very fulfilling. During those 18 years we have established Cottage Industry Models as an industry leader.  One of the reasons for our success, we believe, is our dedication to a simple fact: our customers need to be happy. With a customer-centric approach and emphasis on quality and professionalism, we will continue to grow. We are sure about this.