CSS Hunley Kit Upgraded!

hunley_new005Our kits of the CSS Hunley have always been the most accurate available, and now we’ve used recent discoveries from the actual wreck to make our 1/72nd scale kit even more accurate.  More display options, figures, and a section of deck have also been included to make this kit an even better value.

All details have been added to the Hunley page HERE.

6 thoughts on “CSS Hunley Kit Upgraded!

  1. Thanks for your constant efforts to keep the historical accuracy of your kits up to date. Using the most current and accurate information, then translating that into finely detailed kits maintains Cottage Industry Models place as the best, most accurate Civil War kits available.

  2. Hi;
    CSS Hunley arrived today and I’m looking forward to building, presently working on another model and I’m tempted to put that on hold to begin the Hunley.
    Thank you;

  3. I finished the Wasa yesterday, wonderful model and I am very happy with results. Which means today I need a new model to start working on, and guess what, I actually get to start working on the CSS Hunley on the 150th anniversary of its sinking. Looking this kit over I think this is going to be a very fun project.

    Later kids,

  4. It looks like a great model to work on However the drawing for the directions I have that came with the model are not dark enough and very hard to read. Some of the instructions on this drawing can’t be read. Ink is not dark enough. Is there a way I could download or print out one clearer?
    Thank You
    Eric M Del Gigante

    • Hi Eric
      I’ll be glad to help any way I can. I just got my new computer so let me see what I can do for you. For some reason, If I cant email the instruction files, I am happy to send you a hard copy. Sorry if there was a little delay on my reply. I do not always check the web site, and my web guy brought it to my attention. If you want, email me directly at robo612@earthlink.net and I can get right back to you. Thanks! and have a good day.
      Best regards

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