Upcoming Release!

We’re proud to announce our latest kit, the C.S.S. Tennessee.  Check back here for a release date and price.  Until then, a couple of photos to get you all in the mood.


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  1. Website looks great buddy. I can hardly wait until the Tennessee is in production. The one you made for the museum was fantastic. You make the best Ironclad kits in the world. You and your wife are very talented at scratch building and design. Keep up the great work.

  2. I have the Palmeto State, Arkansas, the Albemarle, the Hunley, the David and the Monitor….and they are the BEST kits that can be had for the Civil War era (and worth every penny). I can’t wait until the Tennesse is available…it looks GREAT…and will be a fine addition to my fleet!!

  3. Haven’t been on your site for quite a while. I like the new layout! And, your new Tennessee is amazing. I will be looking forward to the kit release. Best regards, Michael

  4. Thanks everybody. With the launch of this new site I am trying very hard to keep on top of things, and also do all the stuff I have been talking about doing for years now. I am going to finally try to update all my kit instructions, re-do some very old molds with better ideas and less cleanup, and of course, put out some new kits!!

    To all my clients over the years, some of whom have vigorously followed my work, bought all my kits,
    and supported my efforts with praise and good will, Thank You!

  5. Hi William,

    The Tennessee looks great. Please let me know when it is ready. I have built your Arkansas, Monadnock and Monitor and they have all been wonderful kits. I also used your 1/96 kits for the guns on Revell’s Alabama and Kearsarge. Vast improvement. Do you have any idea when the Tennessee will be available?

    Best regards,


    • Hey Jack
      Thanks very much! I sure will let you know when she is ready. I am working on the instructions now. I hope to have it ready for market in a few weeks. Cheers!

  6. Hello All,
    I have managed to blow out my back in the last week. If you order something from me I wanted to let everybody know I am running a little behind. I hope my back will get better soon. It hurts and I am not doing much right now. Cheers to All!

  7. Sorry to hear about your back going out — I just ordered the gun sets for the Alabama and Kearsarge, but am not in a terrible hurry, so take your time and get better! As a professional model-maker myself, I know what it’s like huddled over a worktable all day . . . it can get to you sometimes. That’s why I like doing “fun” jobs like the twoRevell Civil War kits. However, looking over your site, it’s pretty clear I’m going to have to start saving my pennies for some of these beauts! Wonderful stuff!
    On the chance that you didn’t get my other email, I DID want the Civil War era gun set for the Kearsarge, although I failed to mark that in my order (didn’t notice until later). If you can manage that, it would be nice.
    Thanks in advance. I’m really looking forward to seeing how these pieces look!
    Gino Dykstra
    1621 Tamarack Street
    Plover, WI 54467

  8. Hey buddy, put pictures of the new Confederate Tank up on the website. See if people want to leave you comments. Maybe put it into production if you get enough comments about it. That would be cool. 🙂

  9. Hey Everybody!! Well, Judy and I have been busy working on completely updating and revamping the instructions for the VERY popular upgrade Naval Artillery sets for the Revell Kearsarge and Alabama kits. In addition to doing a better job on the production of the actual parts in the upgrade sets, which includes more detail and even more accurate carriages and guns, we have totally re-worked the instructions for the sets with all new illustrations and building notes.

    These new instructions will also be added to our existing kits since all the guns were fairly universially used on both sides. This means that all our existing kits will benefit from the extra detail and instructions.

    Work also continues on the Tennessee kit. I hope to have it done very soon now. The little delay from reworking the artillery sets came about because I was very dissatified with some of what I had already done on the Tennessee. Now that this part is out of the way I can finish the work on the Tennessee. Notices about availability will be sent out with expected retail price on the kit soon to all the folks who have asked to be on the “First Call” list. If you are not on that list just drop me a line on the Contact Us form and I will be happy to put you there. Plenty of room. Until later…Cheers!

  10. Good to hear about the gun and instructions upgrade, and the impending release of the Tennessee! We are all looking forward to that.

    Best regards,

  11. Love your models, waiting patiently for your next model, any rough estimate as to when you will market the. Tennessee? Thanks for making these models,can’t get any better!!

  12. Hey Mike
    Thanks for the kind remarks! I have completed the first 6 pages of the illustrations and am progressing slowly. I have been slowed by various things, but am getting there. You are on my First Call list. I also had to go back and re-build the prototype to make sure I did not miss anything. I found out as I had been doing the instructions that I had forgotten a great deal about the building proceedure on the original kit after it was delivered to Alabama. That took a couple of weeks to sort out, but now it is going well. Just have a few small orders to clear up. I also finished making a couple of extra molds for the kit last week. It is a real push, but I REALLY want to finish this beast by the New Year. I will contact all of you on my First Call list as soon as that is done. I am almost there folks. I promise. Just been a hard road for a while. Cheers!!

  13. Hi William,
    That is great news on the Tennessee. A great way to start off the new year. You do have me on your first call list? I also noticed that you are re-dong the Naval Artillery sets for the Kearsarge and Alabama, as well as the instructions. I purchased these sets a couple of years ago from Michigan Toy & Soldier. They are still in my stash. Do I need to repurchase these? Maybe I can get by with just the new instructions. What do you think? Maybe you could include the new instructions with the Tennessee when it is shipped.

    • I have you on the First Call list now, Jack. I thought you were already there, but I added you today. Been busy these last few weeks with the holidays and some orders, etc.

      For everybody watching this, I am about to finally finish this kit. I have most of the designs for the kit done and just need the text parts and a few more images for the building proceedures. I know I have been promising this kit for a long time now, but things have been tough and I have run into a bunch of problems I did not count on. I am hoping to have it ready in a couple of weeks or so. Thanks for hanging in htere!

    • Hey Jack

      Send me your address and I will send you some new insturctions. The kits are re-done and are much better. In fact, send me your old kits and I will trade out the old parts for the better new ones. I think you will like them. Cheers!

  14. Put me on that list for the Tennessee! I am going to be placing an order tonight or tomorrow for a Palmetto State, and 32nd scale David. My customer loves his Monadnock and wants more! Thanks for making my job easier!

  15. Thanks Kevin. I have your name on that list and will contact you as soon as I get it done. In fact it would be easier if you email me off-board at robo612@earthlink.net so I can get your email address to let you know.

    For all you other folks out there here is a quick update. I am just about finished with this kit’s instructions. FINALLY!!! I have about a dozen and a half people on the First Call list right now. Those Folks will be contacted, and any actual orders they pay for will be filled BEFORE I officially make any announcment that the kit is on the market. That could take a month or more. Right now the plan is to get this beast available before the end of the month. It will be tight. Maybe even a little late since I have other orders to fill, but I am finally nearing the end of this project, so stay tuned! Cheers!

  16. Just a quick update….Made more progress today on the instructions. We are up to 10 pages of illustrations. I suspect there will be 2-3 more of those, and then I have to do the text parts. Not sure how much of that there will be. Construction of the prototype was fairly straightforward, and if you have built a couple of my previous items you should know what to expect. I also have to do a label and make at least one production mold for small parts. Otherwise we are VERY close now to having the Tennessee done!! Cheers!

  17. Can’t wait for it Robert! But then I have three of your models coming that should keep me busy till this one ships. Now that you are near the finish line, you can get to work on making molds for that USS New Ironsides!!!! I would most certainly be in for one of those!

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