9 thoughts on “U.S.S. New Ironsides photos added

  1. Wow William, you have outdone yourself (again.) I sure would like to see you kit this one!


  2. Beautiful Work WIlliam! Thanks for sharing the new photo’s of New Ironsides. What a treat to the eyes!

  3. Thanks John!! It’s great to hear those kinds of comments from folks. I am really trying to improve things and get new stuff out there. It’s been way too long and I am tired of being idle. :o)) Cheers!

  4. Hi William.
    Love the new site!!
    I MUST have a New Ironsides to build!!
    If you ever kit her put me on the list!!

  5. Robert, don’t underestimate your buyers and followers. I plunked down some healthy bucks for your Monadnock and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same for the Ironsides.

  6. New Ironsides, WOW!!! IF YOU MAKE IT A KIT I WILL BUY!! We haven’t spoken in a long time. We are planning to move to NC next year if all goes well and we can sell this place. Hope Judy & you are both well.
    Jim & Delia

  7. My gr gr (maybe gr) grandfather helped build the USS New Ironsides. My mother always had a large framed picture of an old ship in the basement, which I asked to have about 1970. The glass was wavy and the frame was crooked. My mother (still alive at 95) said that the ship was always in the parlor of her grandparent’s house in Chester, PA. My mom said that her (gr?) grandfather had worked at the Cramp Shipbuilders. As it turns out my picture is an original photo of the USS New Ironsides! I had the frame fixed and the old wavy glass covered with sun protective glass. And to think that my father’s family was on the other side, fighting for the South and that my parents now live in Hilton Head Is., SC, where the ship would dock for repairs and provisions. Too bad that the ship burned while in drydock in Philadelphia, just after the War ended.

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